Lowongan CPNS 2012 Kementerian Perdagangan Juli 2012

Ujian CPNS akan diselenggarakan dengan cara online dengan sistem Computer Assisted Test (CAT).
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Ministry of Trade – Ministry of Trade Repubublik Indonesia (Ministry of Trade) is a government agency the task of formulating, establishing and implementing policies on trade. Ministry of Commerce is the driving sector growth and competitiveness and creating prosperity of the people with justice. One instrument in the Ministry of Commerce to conduct trade policy guidance, direction, supervision, and creating a healthy business climate

The trade ministry (Ministry of Trade) is the driving sector growth and competitiveness and creating prosperity of the people with justice.

CPNS 2012 Kementerian Perdagangan:

1. Jakarta

2. Bandung

3. Medan

4. Jogjakarta

5. Banjarmasin

6. Makasar

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  • Indonesian citizen.
  • Never been sentenced to imprisonment or confinement by a judgment which has had permanent legal force, because doing something with a proven criminal actions by the Securities
  • It’s never not honorably discharged at his own request or do not respect as a civil servant, or no respect for private employees.
  • Candidates are not located as the Civil / Civil / military and police.
  • Willing to be based on units of work in the BPPT and willing to be placed throughout the territory of the Republic of Indonesia.
  • Not being a caretaker and / or members of political parties.
  • Physically healthy (physically and spiritually, and not color blind).
  • Meet the education and qualifications in the set.
  • Special Requirements Jobs CPNS Ministry of Trade:
  • College graduates of accredited public or private.
  • GPA 3.25
  • Have TOEFL 550


Registration is conducted online via the website http://www.kemendag.go.id/

Send the application to the committee at PO BOX 3907 Jakarta 10 039

Fill out the Registration Form, attach recent color photograph size 3×4 cm on the Sheet Online Registration Form, attach stamp Rp6.000, 00, and sign it

Fill out and sign a brief curriculum vitae

Sticking to stamp Rp6.000, 00, and signed Statement

19 online registration – July 22, 2012

Limit beam delivery and closure of PO BOX not later than July 27, 2012 (postmark)