Lowongan PT Kereta Api Logistik bulan Juli 2012

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PT Kereta Api Logistik

PT Kereta Api Logistik (KALOG) is a state-owned companies under the parent PT. Kereta Api (persero) is doing business in logistics distribution services based railway. PT Kereta Api Logistik function and its role includes management of Container Termianal (TPK), loading and unloading, warehousing, packing, labeling, transportation, tracking, logistics and escorts logistics management by applying the principles of limited liability. PT Kereta Api Logistik is committed to provide solutions, serving, with high integrity, quality, and can count on.

PT Kereta Api Logistik looking for position in which if capable of existing, qualifying PT Kereta Api Logistik as follows:

1. Assistant Manager / HRD SPV

  • Men / Women
  • Min S1, preferably Psychologist
  • GPA min. 2.75
  • Age max. 32 years
  • Understanding HRD policies and procedures (recruitment, remuneration, People Development, Organization Development, Rules of Employment, Human Resources Administration)
  • Min 3 yrs experience in the HRD

2. Kasir


  • Men / Women
  • D3 Accounting
  • GPA min. 2.75
  • Age max. 28 years
  • Thorough, Detailed
  • Domiciled in Jakarta and surrounding areas
  • Preferred experience min 1 year as a Cashier / Accounts Payable

Should you are interested in the PT Kereta Api Logistik , please send resume, Cv and the latest pashoto through the address:

Gedung JRC Lt. 2 Jln  IR.H.Djuanda 1B No8-10 Jakarta Pusat
VIA email: recruitment@kalogistics.co.id